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X-oku is an exciting new puzzle, which combines the twin challenges of crossword and sudoku to test your skill with words and numbers.

The X-oku grid contains more rows and columns than a conventional crossword, the additional squares allowing the inclusion of nine sudoku boxes. In a standard sudoku these boxes are joined, but in X-oku they are rarely connected and often unaligned. Otherwise, normal sudoku rules apply: every row, every column and every 3x3 box must contain the numbers 1 to 9. The crossword element of X-oku follows regular rules.

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There are two levels of X-oku: QuiX-oku, which contains a ‘quick’, non-cryptic crossword, and CryptiX-oku. The sudoku’s solvability is colour-coded: green (easy), amber (medium), red (hard). The two parts of the X-oku cannot be completed separately. Surplus letters from the crossword appear in the sudoku, and shaded sudoku squares determine the position of some crossword solutions. For an explanation and examples, check the F-words and FAQ pages, accessed via the Clues pane.

So click on today’s puzzle, pick a coloured pencil, and solve your first X-oku, typing letters and drag-and-dropping numbers.

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